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tera patrick nude | Friday 19 November 2010 8:42 pm

This pornstar babe's so beautifully put together it's not hard to see why this model has risen to such great heights in so little time. She has such an amazing body with an incredible set of tits. Tera always looks her best and you'll see all of her here. We're happy to have her aboard and know that you'll love watching her do what she does best!

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tera patrick nude | Friday 29 October 2010 12:40 am
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Tera is so hot and sexy. She just has that look that you can't resist. Big round boobs with perfect nipples, she's got that runway model body down cold. Tera is a total club girl, she lives for the club scene. Once she dawns those high heels and short little mini mini skirt, it's time to dance the night away. You should see this girl move her body, it's so damn hot, there's nothing else like it. We're big fans of Tera's, this horny little devil has to please (or be pleased) herself 3-4 times a day. That's right this girls sexdrive is stuck in 6th gear, look out! Enter here for Tera Patrick exclusive adventures!!

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Tera is quite a handful, literally this girl is so hot. She has a rock hard body, with the round bubble butt. So plump and round you just want to bounce quarters off it all day long. If you're into short girls who love to please their mate, then we highly suggest you check out Tera. She's such a horny girl, it seems every time we talk to her she's bringing up sex, dildos and all the wild times she's had. This girl is for real, make no mistake. Follow this link for amazing pornstar scenes.

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tera patrick nude | Saturday 3 April 2010 1:06 am

There is something about the thought of that sexy babe you just met, or that new girl at work going home, taking a nice warm bath, getting into bed and start playing with herself. Come on, we've all thought about it. Well no need to just think about it, Tera can bring those dreams to reality. This gorgeous brunette with absolutely perfect tits will show you exactly what you wish your girlfriend was doing every night before you walked in the door....

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tera patrick nude | Thursday 25 February 2010 3:54 pm

Meet Tera Patrick. Our resident bad girl. This girl digs rock and roll and guys with tattoos. She loves to walk on the wild side and says she loves flashing her tits to guys. This babe is a ton of fun to party with. She loves to drink and dance all night long. But let's put that aside and talk about what really matters, how wild is this girl in the sack? Well Tera says there's nothing she likes better than to seduce her men and suck their dicks like crazy.

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tera patrick nude | Saturday 30 May 2009 5:16 pm

Such a pure bread brunette hottie. Tera Patrick is one serious cutie and she's ready to show you the goods here. Make no mistake though, the cute exterior should be taken with severe caution. Inside this girl is a wild and crazy pervert! This is great news for us though as the wilder the babe the better the shoot. We're positive you're going to go banana's for Terra and we see many long terms love affairs being built because of it!

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tera patrick nude | Saturday 4 April 2009 4:21 pm
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Tera Patrick is a skilled pornstar to the industry, she is still looking for a new way to fulfill her wildest sexual fantasies. The real world just wasn't cutting it for her, but porn was the answer. Teri loves to get pounded really hard by her men. There seems to be no limit for this mega babe. Not only is she totally wild, but she is a stunning beauty as well! Tera has that bad girl look, while maintaining a level above the rest. Continue here for the best pornstar scenes!

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Tera Patrick is an incredible beauty pornstar. Gorgeous legs and a set of tits that will blow your mind. This girl is a real score and we're extremely excited to have her here. She really knows how to look sexy and always comes to play ball. This girl is the queen of seduction and she'll get you going every single time. Don't miss out on all her sexy photos and videos, this girl is a keeper!

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tera patrick nude | Monday 24 November 2008 12:56 pm

We're extremely proud to bring you the gorgeous Tera Patrick! This babe has is all going on. Gorgeous brunette hair, an unreal rack and sensual curves. Tera is hot commodity in the adult world. With tits like that and a terrific attitude, she's going to be around for many years to come. We know you're going to enjoy all the provocative shots of her here!

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tera patrick nude | Saturday 18 October 2008 7:35 pm

Tera is a stellar babe with one of the hottest bodies in the business. Her skills forward her into porn. This girl can move in ways you've never thought possible. Her hips will hypnotize you and create a horny zombie out of you. Tera loves nice relaxing massages and quiet nights filled with light kissing and gentle touching. This however is only the start to a long night of passionate love making. She can go all night long and you'll want to go with her, she's phenomenal at what she does.

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Tera is a hot naughty lady. She radiates such a strong sexual energy, it's really amazing. Tera is so unique. She combines a really nice woman, with a raunchy I wanna bang you now look. Talk about a dangerous girl, she can get whatever she wants. What a picture perfect body, she keeps herself in top shape and has such a beautiful figure. Tera is a pleasure to work with and really loves what she does, we know you'll enjoy it! Enjoy exclusive pornstar Tera Patrick adventures!!